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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – What is it?

The Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is actually a kind of mental exercise which will stimulate our brain. Due to the concept of brain plasticity, our brain continue to also grow old as we age. But how do we make it happen?

Growing the Grey Matter

According to research made, it shows that grey matter will grow and increase if the brain learns new and complex materials. The idea about complex and new is actually personal. This will actually be different compared to your new and complex. A considered important element on exercise and activity is on the level of its engagement and challenge.

Research study was in fact implemented at the University of Hamburg where they have demonstrated the growth of grey matter. On such study that was made, grey matter that were in the student’s brain actually shows the growth of grey matter within the six week period which has a connection with their studying for their final exams.

This does not mean however that you should be studying medicine in order to get a big brain. It actually shows that if you learn something new, it will be beneficial for the brain’s health.

For Cognitive Resilience and Dementia

The cognitive stimulation therapy can in fact offer healthy adults with various ways on how they can improve on their high levels of mental activity. This can actually help to reduce the risks in developing dementia. Building cognitive resilience will happen during any part of our life, whatever your age may be. Too simply put it, it is never too late.

An engaged approach like this works with those who are suffering from dementia or other forms. Such cognitive stimulation therapy program actually covers various areas on cognition and actually gives out amazing benefits compared to programs which just focus with one cognitive domain. When a person is interested, they usually try harder. Programs that engage the interest of a person will help in making it easier for the person to challenge their brains.

Based on some research, it shows that CST is also as effective with dementia drugs when it comes to improving cognition. The research trial in fact shows that CST also have the same positive impact with dementia drugs. This does not mean however that you should consider replacing drug therapy for you to treat dementia. CST is best for providing support to therapy or as an alternative if drug options are not made available. Based on research, CST can help improve the outcomes if being used with dementia drugs.

The trials likewise include those who are in the mild to moderate stage of dementia and interventions are however not the right one for people who have severe dementia.

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